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Tyson Beck

Makers of Sport Podcast #16

November 17, 2014
Tyson Beck

"Location is not a doesn't matter where you live, whether you are in a more rural destination or New York, if your work's good, you're going to get noticed."

Our first international guest joins the show this week as Aussie, Tyson Beck comes aboard the podcast. Tyson is the founder of Posterizes, an international digital design collective that creates digital art for the NBA.

Posterizes has launched the design careers of many independent designers, including Tyson himself, who just wrapped up a project with Topps trading card company.

We discuss how Tyson got started in design and the importance of social media (expecially Instagram) when it comes to getting discovered and landing your dream clients.

Controversially, we touch on the difference between inspiration and stealing the work of others – why one can be a good thing and the other a disaster; as well as debating the merits of going to school for design versus just starting working.

Lionel Messi soccer art for Sportscenter

Harrison Barnes digital painting

Tom Brady Topps Ring of Fire Card

Detroit Pistons 2013-14 Season Ticket Campaign Digital Art

Topps Fire Set card previews

Topps Fire set preview

Pacers' Paul George Ice Illustration

NBA Everywhere Instagram artwork for the NBA

Patrick Peterson Thank you flyer

NBA Magazine Swaggy P Illustration

NBA TV Kawhi Leanard MVP Graphic by Tyson Beck

Jadeveon Clowney and JJ Watt 300 Inspired art by Tyson Beck

Damian Lillard Slam Dunk Wallpaper by Tyson Beck and Posterizes

Tyson Beck being interviewed for Lakers TV

Mentions include:

My next guest is Matt Walker. Matt was an associate art director at ESPN and the design lead behind ESPN's Fantasy Sports line of products. Most recently he helped CBS Interactive on their fantasy sports line and currently freelances under his studio, Walk Design.